Your conclusion should summarise your principal points and highlight the larger implications of your work. It shouldn’t be too brief or long, but it must be balanced between reiterating your key points and making an effective sales pitch. A conclusion to an essay can make a five-paragraph essay compelling and literary-critical. While your conclusion won’t save a poor essay, it can help make an essay that is not polished shine.

The conclusion should be the culmination of the whole piece, and all other parts should have brought readers to this conclusion. Many students tend to focus too much on their main body, which could lead them to miss the most important aspect of the essay: the conclusion. Because this will assist you to organize your journey it is crucial to draft your conclusion before you begin writing it. Make sure your essay will include the evidence that supports your thesis.

While the conclusion shouldn’t contain any new ideas, it should be linked back to the primary topic. Additionally, it shouldn’t include a lot of phrases that are used repeatedly. It shouldn’t contain repetitive phrases. Instead it should be a summary of your main arguments. The conclusion should also be consistent with the tone throughout the essay. If it’s not then the reader could be confused as to why they needed to read the entire essay.

A conclusion that is successful should convey a sense of closure. It should not simply end the discussion; rather it should signal that the discussion was resolved. Strong conclusions may also bring up additional questions or open up new possibilities. The conclusion should be tied to the introduction of your paper. If it is tied to the first paragraph readers will feel more content and confident that they should continue reading. It will also stir emotions in your reader.

The conclusion should also avoid repetition of previous arguments. While this is fine if you are writing a short essay, it’s not the best place to introduce new information. The focus should be on your arguments. A conclusion is a sales pitch when you’re trying to sell something. This is where you present your final impression. These tips will help make your essay stand out from the rest.

As the last paragraph of your essay, your conclusion is the place where you summarize the key points of your paper. If your body paragraphs and your introduction were excellent your conclusion should reinforce that message. This section of the essay will be disregarded. Writing your thesis and crucial points in your conclusion is a good idea. This makes your essay appear professional and sophisticated.

The OWL at Purdue University provides an excellent guide to creating a persuasive argument paper. While you need to be flexible to fit the purpose of your paper it is crucial to include an invitation to action or a brief review about future research possibilities. If you’re writing about a controversial topic or a complex argument, an engaging conclusion can make your paper stand out the crowd.